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“To put the world in order,

we must first put the nation in order;

to put the nation in order,

we must put the family in order;

to put the family in order,

we must cultivate our personal life;

and to cultivate our personal life,

we must first set our hearts right.”



What do you "do" in a Mothers of Influence group?  

The simplest answer is that we're setting our hearts right.  

 Mothers of Influence came about as we were learning

to implement the principles of the Well-Educated Heart.  

They changed us so profoundly that we wanted

a way for every woman to learn how she can

increase her capacity for light through the arts.


We call it "heart-based learning" and it 

enhances our ability to deepen our roots, 

seek inspired learning & growth,

& cultivate an encircling reach.

                               Passing Favors by Caitlin Connolly 

5 Guiding Principles for Mothers of Influence Groups

"Mother-love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles." Frances Willard


Keep MOI "MOI"

We're Cultivating & Softening Hearts

MOI is unique in the intentional focus on art, music, poetry & stories as universal "languages" of the heart.  They are at the center of every Mother of Influence gathering. "Out of the good treasures of the heart cometh forth that which is good."

In order to re-learn the art of cultivating hearts, mothers must tend to their own hearts first. 


We created Mothers of Influence groups to support  mother-hearted women as they

implement the principles of the

Well-Educated Heart. 


We're increasing our capacity for light as we

deepen our roots,

seek inspired learning & growth,

& cultivate an encircling reach

within our sphere of influence.

Start Small

You + One Friend = A MOI Group

Don't be afraid to let your group grow naturally. It really is as simple as inviting one friend to start learning with you.  As you encounter other women who are excited to join you, welcome them with open arms and help them jump in with the Introductory Course.





Focus on Languages of the Heart

Mother's University is the "how"

When your group feels ready, jump into the Mother's University. You might choose to follow the topics in order or approach it menu style! Council together & decide the structure of your MOI meetings and how you want to explore and share together.  Keep with the spirit of heart-based learning and look for ways to inspire each other to participate instead of requiring. 

Relationships are Everything

MOI is Inclusive

As you grow your group, be sensitive and inclusive. Our definition of a mother is one who nurtures hearts.  Consider opening your gatherings to a variety of ages and denominations of faith. 


As we cultivate hearts we also cultivate relationships. There will always be bumps along the way, but be determined to let kindness prevail.  As the leader, your group will look to you.  In your discussions allow room for differences of opinion - set the tone so that it is safe to share and to learn from each varied experience.  You won't always agree, but you can always strive for unity among your diversity.

Abundance &
Encircling Reach

Be a Light

An encircling reach is the hallmark of a Mother of Influence.  Find natural and meaningful ways to lift everyone you encounter.   Help individuals and communities experience new ways to awaken their own hearts, too.  


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