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Cultivating a feeling of MOI

Updated: Jul 12

I hope you’ve sensed that there isn’t just one way to gather a MOI group. While every group is specifically centered around a study of the Well Educated Heart, there’s so much leeway in how you put it all together to meet your own needs.

But one thing is universal ...that "feeling" of MOI:

“I felt like I walked away gaining something- and that makes coming back worth it.”

“There was a connection and a depth that I’ve been longing for. I love all my other groups, but I wasn’t getting that.”

“I’m getting picky with my time, and this was worthy of it.”

“I think being able to bring something that’s inspired us is the number one thing that connects us. It lets us bring something to the table that’s ours. That’s a strength of our group.”

“There aren’t many groups where I can share and talk about things that are truly important to me.”

“One thing I enjoy is that sometimes you go into groups and it’s just a lot of agreeing. I don’t like to be in a place that’s full of mirrors. I love the back and forth - I love the volley. I love the challenge. It’s beautiful.” Then added by another member of the same group: “But there hasn’t been contention here. It’s just challenging. Our group has been respectfully disagreeing for years. Ha ha ha!”

“Last night was a wonderful experience. I was first invited over a year ago ... and was hesitant because it seemed that so many women’s circles would chat and chat about things of little consequence, or they’d talk about things without looking for solutions. Last night was a breath of fresh air. I heard women looking for refinement. I saw a refreshing level of respect for one another. People were supporting each other. It went without saying that we all knew we were in different parts of our “journey,” and we all rejoiced in whatever triumphs or learning experiences were shared.”

It takes practice to bring lots of different women together in a loving way - but it's part of what MOI is all about. I know from my own experiences that those "bumps" in the road can sometimes feel overwhelming, but don't give up! Nurturing the hearts of the women in your gatherings is just as important as nurturing the hearts of the children we love.

We hope your cup can be filled with every MOI gathering.

Jen and I don't have every answer, but we're passionate about the power of Mothers of Influence and would love to brainstorm with you or help you figure out how you can get started. Email us at hello@mothersofinfluence.org

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