• Mothers of Influence

We’re changing the world... One heart at a time... Beginning with your own.

Updated: Jan 11

“In the earth’s economy, the richest person is the one who has the most money, but in heaven’s economy, the richest person is the one with the greatest capacity for light.” --Marlene Peterson

We’re changing the world... One heart at a time... Beginning with your own.

Instead of being told what to do and exactly how to do it, we organized Mothers of Influence so that the next steps could grow outward from our hearts together. God always works from the inside outward.

There’s no right or wrong way to MOI; you only need to gather with other mothers and start cultivating your heart. Bonnie just spontaneously organized a Marco Polo group focused on reading the Delphian Course. Tracy has been helping mothers virtually and in-person dive deep into the Catch the Vision challenge. Shannon, Lori, and Lindsey gather women online to talk about the Mother’s University together. Kari and Emily have a side chat with friends from their in-person MOI to share their thoughts on the Life-Giving Home. And there are a hundred other mothers -- some on the map and some not -- who are gathering a few friends into their homes each month to nurturing their hearts together.

Even if you can’t find someone to share your enthusiasm you can still cultivate your own personality and let it spill over everywhere. That’s encircling reach! Just like we’re collectively drawn to the sheer force of Marlene’s goodness we can have a store inside of ourselves that is just waiting to come out at the right time -- even in little ways. At every opportunity, use art, music, poetry, and stories to spark desire -- every now and then, it’s bound to light a fire. It’s small and simple -- these aren’t huge, fancy things -- just women gathering and learning new ways to add light to the best they already have. Love,