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Trusting Inspired Growth

This is a picture of my friend Holly’s beautiful garden from last summer. I’ve kept is as my screensaver since then to inspire me. This kind of garden is something I only dream about - my hopes are always high, but my reality leaves a lot to be desired.

I know I could try to copy Holly exactly. I could ask her to write out her planting and fertilizing schedules. I could build the same garden boxes and use the same irrigation system. I could get the same seeds from the same company and try to make my garden look just like hers - and truthfully, that’s what I want to do.

But when it comes right down to it: Holly and I are working with very individual factors. The soil is different, the PH is different, the climate is different. The planters and growers and weeders are all different. Even my willingness to get outside and work as hard is different. In the end I’m going to have to glean what I can from Holly, but then buckle down and do my own experimenting and work to figure out how things grow best at my house.

One of the things I love about the WEH and what Marlene has shown me is that there is a different way. MOIers are constantly trying to deepen our roots, increase inspired growth, and cultivate an encircling reach. We can open the way to inspired growth by remembering that there is a Master Gardener who knows every single nuance of our personal garden. It can be scary to step back from our own plans and ask him for help, but simply trusting him enough to take His advice is like Miracle Grow for our hearts.