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The small and simple...

In a conversation with a friend this weekend she commented there are so many good things out there to pursue with our time and money, but she'd come to realize that MOI was helping to consistently fill her heart in such a simple way.

I've been thinking a lot about the power of small and simple things. I often say MOI grows outward from our hearts together. Let me try to explain that a little more. When Jen and I first heard Marlene we barely knew what we were doing, but she had ignited a fire in us and we knew we wanted to keep it going. Marlene had some audios about art, music, poetry, storytelling, and nature, and we couldn't get enough of them. Jen and I listened to those over and over again.

Quickly there were three of us - and then four and then eight - and then even more mothers meeting in my living room each month. At the time, there wasn't an introductory course or catch the vision resources. There weren't take-fives or podcasts, but Marlene mentioned something about a Mothers University, so we started reading those books together.

We didn't have the words for it then, but our starved hearts began awakening. The simple things we'd been learning and implementing lit us up and made us happy, and we found that it spilled over into the hearts of our children and families. This is the "feeling" MOI we keep talking about today.

Big things happened from those tiny little efforts. I know we can't explain it... I know when you read this it's hard to grasp or translate into your own efforts. Instead of telling you HOW to bring MOI to your neighborhood, the best we can do is remind you of the pattern for learning - "heart first" and that everything else flows from there.

MOI is simple. If it's feeling complicated - go back to the beginning and make it simple. Ask yourself - what does my heart need right now? Is it awareness? Is it just basking in beauty for a while? Is it a deep understanding of vision and what we hope to do together? Then, come with all those ideas and work with each other to create just enough structure for your MOI to meet those needs. Consider setting aside some time for sharing things you've gleaned from your own study and experiences too. Your goal is deeper roots, inspired growth, and an encircling reach.

Image: The Cherry Tree By Emile Munier (WC)