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Suddenly we were making instant connections

Last week we got together for an evening social. It was so simple.

We invited everyone to come prepared to share a poem, story, piece of art, etc. to help us get to know each other better. As we began the love and friendship just soared and suddenly we were making instant connections. It was a big group - we had about 20 women - maybe a few more, but it could easily be done with just a few friends.

We had women reading some poetry, telling about the latest book they read, sharing some of their own art, and passing around their favorite books for children. A friend hadn’t prepared anything for the meeting so she spontaneously shared a song she had composed and recorded on youtube years ago. She got emotional when she explained that it had languished on youtube without any notice and how much she appreciated sharing it with us.

We snapped a quick picture together and it makes me happy - I wanted to share it with you.

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