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My Ladies by Amy P

If you have a minute - let me tell you about”MY LADIES”

A few years ago- maybe like 6/7 years ago my heart was searching. For what I quite couldn’t tell.

My peers at the time were trying to “find themselves.” I found myself a long time ago. Through lots of painful trials and sorrow. I felt a bit lonely- a bit lost. In a sense my own personal light was very low.

In the mornings I would see some of these mature woman walking from my church. Every stinking morning. I would look out my kitchen window and ASSUMED they were talking about me and everyone in the neighborhood. Until….. they asked me to join them.

At first I felt a bit out of place. I’m about the same age as their own children. However.. as I got to know them, my love for them grew. Gone were the assumptions. Replaced with wisdom. Lots and lots of wisdom sprinkled with a “I don’t care what people think of me.” Such inner strength and LIGHT!

You see- each one of us has a light within us. Some may just shine brighter than others- and at different times. My light was dim. So these ladies shared with me their own light until mine started to shine just as bright and That I could pass it on. Or be that my light can be a little beacon in what may seem a very long dark tunnel.

A few years ago one of my ladies moved away. And man adjusting that light was difficult. It changes.

Today - one of our quiet, reliable light has gone out forever. She went back to our father in heaven. Needless to say- our group light and my own personal light has changed once again. You’re never ready to say goodbye.

You may be the light in someone’s life and not even know it. Just as these ladies are for me. My BFF’s!

So today I hope you reach out to someone and smile. Just like Rosy always did. Armed with a quick smile to give