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MOI isn’t about building something...it’s about becoming something

For years now Jen and I have struggled to explain what MOI is exactly. We feel it so deeply but we can’t transmit it as well as we’d like.Even though words are hard there are a few things we know for certain: MOI was created to tend to the hearts of mothers...our hearts. MOI is meant to be something that grows outward from the hearts of mothers together. And, MOI itself is a growing thing.

Our Cedar symbol beautifully represents this growth pattern of deepening our roots, increasing our inspired growth and cultivating an encircling reach. That pattern isn’t sequential as much as something that is happening all at the same time.

The process of opening our hearts creates energy — this is the feeling of MOI that we don’t have words for — but that energy bubbles and flows everywhere — it flows to us and through us. You’ll know it when you feel it. The interesting thing is that the opposite is true too; a closed heart depletes energy. Because this is a living, growing thing you’ll find that you want to keep fueling your heart and opening it. The arts are the keys to that.

It’s easy to box MOI into one idea. To most people that looks like a monthly MOI meeting. But we want to keep sharing with you that MOI isn’t about building something...it’s about becoming something. How you interpret that and make that work in your life is inspired growth.

Because freedom and discovery are such an integral process we only have a few parameters for keeping MOI “MOI”. We put them on the Getting Started page on the website, but essentially they say that we’re focused on cultivating hearts and specifically learning how the arts open up an even greater capacity to do that.

While our every tendency is to focus on the hearts of those we love -- especially our children -- this journey begins with our own heart.

It might all start with a question: “What am I needing right now to open my heart even more?” Listen for an answer.

Then... find a way to begin to fill that need.

Shannon recently shared an idea on Facebook that so perfectly illustrates this. (See the bottom of the page) She was sparked by something her mom shared and decided to cultivate something more in her own life and learning. She made a very small and simple plan and then invited a few others to join her. This is MOI.

Shannon’s personality is in her plan:

  • She’s given it just the right amount of structure to honor agency and yet still keep it simple.

  • It’s meeting her own need but she’s invited us along and created a place and opportunity for sharing with each other.

  • Each of us will get out of it whatever we’re able to put into it.

  • When it all winds down the next question might naturally be: what do we want to do now? It might end there or we might adapt to something new together.

What are you needing to cultivate your heart right now? Love,



Shannon wrote: I feel like I really want to spend “ten minutes tending my garden” every day. There are many ways to do this, but I decided to read all of the Forgotten Classics this summer. Before you have a heart attack thinking you’ll never be able to do it, know that I can’t either. For that reason, for this challenge, I will read just a portion of each book (as much as I can get in ten minutes, or more if I have time). Sometimes I’ll read with my kids, sometimes I won’t. Many of these books I’ve read before, but whenever I revisit them I find something new. Each day, I’ll post a gem/beautiful flower that I’ve found during my reading. If you’d like to join me and share the beauty you find as we explore these treasures, please join the 100 Days of WEH group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/319883591843638.