• Mothers of Influence

MOI Corner # 1

Updated: Feb 5

We have a sense of a safety net spreading over the earth. It is made up of homes where goodness and beauty are being nurtured and safeguarded in the hearts of the coming generations through art, music, poetry, and stories. My grandma wasn’t a knitter or a fancy seamstress. She didn’t make intricate sweaters or lacy doilies. She knew how to crochet one thing - an afghan with long straight rows of big open stitches and yarn fringes at the end. Sometimes she’d go crazy and use two different colored yarns. I felt especially proud when she handed me a giant plastic hook and showed me how to pick up sections from the previous row. She helped me loop the new thread over the hook and then slide everything off in a magical twist of newly connected yarn. Loving people was my grandma’s forte and every loop and turn was fastened with the particular kind of connection she excelled at. The stitches she made so long ago still carry the traces of her influence even all these years later. One day last year I woke up with the strongest impression that the safety net spreading over the earth is actually made by knitting our hearts together. That’s the image I see every day when I think about the community we’re gathering. There are a thousand different ways to express “MOI” - and we’re excited to share some with you in the coming weeks. But you don’t have to start a MOI to be a MOI. We hope you already see yourselves as Mothers of Influence and feel the strength of standing together.

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