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From our MOI facebook group:

I’m wondering how those of you who do regular Mothers of Influence meetings were able to carve out the time, energy and space to make it happen. I’d like to hear real life success stories of how you are able to study and find time to meet. For those of you who host, how are you able to get your house company ready for a meeting? Also, how did you know who to invite to be a part of it?

Some answers --

We ... decided for our first year to do only the monthly topics from the Mother’s university. We rotate houses every month so it takes off that burden. Doing the reading to prepare does not have to be heavy. I may only read a couple pages for the month and still have something to talk about. I look forward to these meetings every month and actually have several groups that i am a part of, haha. Having that monthly connection with these women has been such a great boost in my life. It may take away some family time, but i feel like it adds to my family because i come away feeling more hopeful, motivated, excited, etc and carry that over into my home. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm just such a big advocate for this program. It has really made a huge difference in my life. I hope you'll be able to start one where you are at and find the joy that I've felt in mine.

You asked about what strategies we have used to get the house together enough to host every month. When I was a much younger and old friend and I wanted to get together regularly for lunch. We just couldn't make it happen until she suggested that we eat PBJ on paper plates every month. That simple shift took the focus off of our houses and... put it right on our friendship and time spent re-connecting. I've tried to follow that same principle in our MOI group. There are a hundred things we may think we have to do before we're ready to invite people into our home. I guess I'd say, gather anyway -- tell them you're choosing to invite them into your real-life. I don't know a single person that won't sigh in relief at that prospect. I know from even my own experience that this is easier said than done - but I have tried it many times and I haven't lost a single friend because my windows had fingerprints or the couches had treasures between the cushions. or my couch was a little sticky. What you're really doing is inviting them into your heart - and it's beautiful there!

I invited my best friend. (You+One = MOI)

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