• Tracy

Follow your heart...

I have been pondering this idea of roots, growth and reach. This idea that as I deepen my roots, I grow and my desire to reach out to others is magnified. I can see how following the process of tending to my own heart as a mom has truly been a blessing in my family.

I had a unique experience this last week. As I was pondering ways to help my step-daughter manage and heal from an emergency C-section that brought her beautiful baby at 27 weeks, my mother heart yearned to be of service. Her baby will be in the NICU for 12 weeks AND she has a 10 month old at home. Irish twins! Yay!

I prayed, pondered and listened for the direction from the Lord. I also went deep inside myself and asked which part of myself could help the most.

The answer was a bit unexpected yet so very aligned with how I best serve and what she needed at the moment. My mind and heart went to work. I felt to offer to bring her and her 10 month old baby to my house and to serve her and love her and take care of her. Her husband would then have time to get their house packed up and move to the new apartment without the stress of caring for mom and son. (Interesting how our plans are often different from what the Lord has planned.)

I offered to come get her and let her rest at my house. She was resistant and needed to check with hubby. I thought for sure she would decline and choose to help manage the move, all while unable to lift anything over 5 lbs. I was surprised to get a text that morning asking if the offer was still on the table. She wanted to come here to our home. She knew that what she needed deep in her own heart was to rest and let her body heal. She needed to be taken care of. She needed rest and love and support during this time. It was a beautiful day and of course we had a blast playing with her 10 month old while she napped, watched a movie with my girls and emptied her heavy heart to me as we made the hour drive to and from her house.

She said it was exactly what she needed. It was exactly what I needed. To give fully to her in that moment, to serve from the inside out, to go against what my logical brain might have told me, that I should help them pack and move, and to trust that this light and love in my heart was overflowing and I had so much light and love to pour into her in that moment. It was a win win for sure.

It was a perfect example and helped solidify in my mind this idea of serving and teaching and influencing from the inside out. While I will continue to deepen my roots and grow throughout my life, it was a living example of how the light and love flows in and through us.

“The kind of happiness that stays with you is the happiness that springs from inward thoughts and emotions.” William L. Phelps

Deepening roots, inspired growth, encircling reach ... I am grateful for learning this over and over as I participate in my MOI groups and implement it in my life.