• Rachel

CTV - Let's Start at the Very Beginning

This week for our Catch the Vision focus the song from "The Sound of Music" is going off in my head..."Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."

If you're a "Maybe MOIer"...

We'd love to share Marlene's introduction and the story behind Well-Educated Heart with you. I found it an interesting distinction that Marlene calls herself the "finder" rather than the "founder" of WEH? And as always, Marlene's humility and passion are contagious!



Have you been back to the beginning lately? What got you excited about the Well-Educated Heart and what you could do together as Mothers of Influence?

This week the dream by Lana Vaswer in Section 1 of the Introductory Course has been on my mind. She says, "We are beginning to see..the rising up of women filled with the courage of heaven." We sang at our church on Sunday titled "Hope of Israel" - as I sang I saw mothers around the world waking up and rising up to their full glory as the teachers of their children so that the world can be set right. These words have rung in my head since then "Hope of Israel, Zion's army, MOTHER'S of the promised day."


We always love to hear from you here, but more importantly you could share your thoughts with one other friend and start your own neighborhood MOI group.

Art Credit: The Lanterns, Charles Courtney Curran