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Community event in the Peace Gardens

Genevieve Larson from Utah - Do you ever have that feeling “Well, why not?”. That’s the feeling I had as I walked through the beautiful Salt Lake City International Peace Garden one crisp November afternoon. As I walked around the garden “traveling” to each of the 28 nations represented there, I could envision beautiful stories being shared with families. In my mind it was the perfect setting to take a trip around the world in an afternoon. I wanted desperately to bring a stack of books and my little ones and spread a blanket and read beautiful stories about far off places and how others that live very far away aren’t so different from us. So I said why not?

I chose a date in the spring to come back and I let the idea marinate, and over the winter I began to catch a vision of something a bit bigger. I started to imagine if our friends joined us and began to talk with them, to my delight they loved the idea and we began to plan to give our children a taste of a world tour through a storytelling festival. I had never planned anything large or with so many moving pieces, but slowly the idea became a clear vision of what I would like to accomplish and I met so many amazing women who willingly gave their time and talents to create a successful festival.

I few times I wondered if I should continue because of my lack or connections or experience with planning a large event, I wondered why the idea hadn’t been given to someone more talented or knowledgeable about event planning. But I had faith in my “why not?” and I learned so much! About 200 people were able to enjoy our little festival and the feeling of seeing beautiful mothers sharing stories from all around the world to our children that day was a transcendent experience. Part of my heart will always cherish the authenticity and love shown all “around the world” right in our own neighborhood park that day. 

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