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Last week I met with a few of my MOI friends to do some flower arranging. I wouldn't call myself the creative or crafty type but I was hoping to gather some inspiration from an expert. I came thinking I'd learn a set of rules about design and aesthetics and she surprised me with her heart-based teaching style. Here are a few things I wrote down in my journal.

  1. It feels really good to create. Somewhere deep down in all of us we're meant to be creators.

  2. We're exceptionally hard on ourselves - I was critical and felt like I was failing miserably, but when I looked over at the other arrangements on the table each looked like a masterpiece to me.

  3. Sometimes a little distance improves perspective. In the middle of it all, I couldn't see the beauty. It wasn't until I stepped away to work on another project and then returned to the original arrangement that I could fully appreciate it.

  4. Perfection is sort of a nebulous idea.

If you're letting the idea of perfection get in the way of starting a MOI group we hope you'll reconsider. There isn't one perfect way so we're always inviting you to "just begin." You'll tweak and change as you go along, and at some point, you'll step back and realize things might be going better than you think they are.

artwork: Otto Didrik Ottesen

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