"Give me good mothers and I'll save the world."  Pius X


The pattern for learning begins with desire.  If you had a great experience together in your first few gathering and want to keep the momentum going, we'd highly recommend starting here. The Introductory Course is designed to help you start a daily habit of feeding your heart.  (If you're ready to go even deeper, try the Catch the Vision Challenge.) 



The Mother's University is designed to help deepen your understanding of the individual languages of the heart.  It's set up as a twelve-month rotation with an emphasis on building your own reservoir of hope and helping children do the same.  You'll revisit 

every year - so sample whatever you have time for and pick up where you left off next time.  

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We love Sally & Sarah Clarkson’s The Life-giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming. Filled with heartwarming suggestions for every month of the year, we’ve found this book to be a nice complement to the Mother’s University and particularly strong in its message of nurturing the intangible arts of home and family.


The Catch the Vision Challenge uses the Well-Educated Heart Reference Library and is for anyone willing to take the time and effort to really catch the vision of how to lift hearts - including your own. There's plenty of material to explore and discover. You can even keep track of what you have read here and receive the Mothers of Influence pin and final book of the library when you finish.  



We can't draw from an empty well.  We're building a reservoir of hope, and the rotation can help you build that reserve.  If you have a hard time choosing, start at the Forgotten Classics.  Bring your children along if you'd like, but choose what you do based on your interest and desire. You don't have to read whole books - or even read things in order - simply follow your heart and see where it leads you.

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ARTS - additional resource

Marlene has said "If I could have designed a college-level course of study for the moms in this group, this is what it would look like."  It may not be the study you begin with, but we want you to know it’s here when you are ready.  As a note: you'll find many Delphian readings are already integrated into Mother’s University where you can have a little taste each month.




"...apart from any external organization whatever, there is a silent work going on in the hearts of thoughtful and educated mothers, which never comes before the public at all, but is silently spreading and deepening under the surface of our life."  -Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Heaven always works from the inside outward and there's nothing more powerful than an overflowing heart.  Go to concerts and art galleries, host poetry teatimes or hike in the mountains. Practice creating things - learn to paint, draw, knit, build, shape and form... whatever it is that bubbles outward from your heart.


Be as intentional as you can about nurturing common ground with the other women in your life - encircle them and help them catch the vision, too!  Make music, tell your favorite stories, read and memorize poetry, learn to see the beauty in everyday things - and then share it all ... especially with children!


Refine the art of mothering, the art of relationships, the art of "home"-making, the art of gentleness, the art of unity, the art of civility, the art of kindness, and the art of love. Each of these is a creative expression of heaven's light flowing through us.  

This is the ongoing work and  spirit of Mothers of Influence.