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Keep MOI "MOI"

We're Cultivating & Softening Hearts

MOI is unique in the intentional focus on art, music, poetry & stories as universal "languages" of the heart.  They are at the center of every Mother of Influence gathering. "Out of the good treasures of the heart cometh forth that which is good."

"Mother-love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles." Frances Willard

5 Guiding Principles for Mother of Influence Groups


Gather Your Own Group

Focus on Languages of the Heart

Mother's University is the "how"

There are four suggested resources for your group to draw from detailed in the Getting Started Guide below.  They include the Well-Educated Heart Introductory Course, Sally Clarkson's Life-Giving Home, The Delphian Reading Course, and most importantly, the Mother's University.  MOI is designed to be tailored to the specific needs of your group and Mother's University is the glue that holds it all together.   As a group, you'll decide the best way to approach your study and sharing together.  In keeping with the spirit of heart-learning, look for the best ways to"inspire, not require."    

Start Small

You + One Friend = A MOI Group

Begin your own study and you are a group of one!

Invite one friend to join you and you are a thriving group of two! Don't be afraid to grow naturally.  As you encounter other women who are excited to join you, welcome them with open arms and help them jump in with the Introductory Course.

"From small and simple things are great things brought to pass."





Cultivate Unity Among Diversity

MOI is Inclusive

Our definition of a mother is one who nurtures hearts.  Consider opening your gatherings to a variety of ages and denominations of faith.  The languages of the heart are universal and will always give you common ground. 

Cultivating relationships is an important part of the MOI experience, too.  There will be bumps along the way, but be determined to let kindness prevail.  As a leader, your group will look to you.  In your discussions allow room for differences of opinion - set the tone so that it is safe to share and to learn from each varied experience.  You won't always agree, but you can always strive for unity & friendship among your diversity.

Find Abundance & an Encircling Reach

Be a Light

An encircling reach is the hallmark of a Mother of Influence.  Look for simple but meaningful ways to lift those around you.  Your ability to nurture and influence children, families, and communities grows as you find your own abundance. Look for opportunities to awaken hearts to an increased capacity for light, especially through the arts.   Don't forget to come back and share your experiences.

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