"Start small and don't be afraid to be small for a long while. A dear friend introduced me to MOI and we have been meeting just the 2 of us for some time (intermittently for probably over a year and a half). Once we drove across the valley to meet with a group of 3 others and it was lovely, but our purpose is fulfilled with much more simplicity and ease not making a 40-minute drive monthly. I have no doubt that as time goes on that we will have additional women who are placed in our path and join in.

We thought about a mass email to spread the word and make sure it's an open invitation, it just doesn't seem to feel helpful or purposeful. We just started with the introductory course and the monthly topic from mother's university then each try to share something that has spoken our hearts that month or made us feel more passionately about motherhood or womanhood or community, etc. (Like a poem, piece of visual art, music, quote). Basically those 3 things and there's plenty to talk about and share. I'm sure what we study and discuss will change with time and interests.

It has been good for me to focus on my own heart during MOI instead of discussing childrearing techniques, education philosophy, household routines and struggles. Just my own heart open to being fed and sharing with another woman who I respect and admire and who helps me feel lifted in my role as a nurturer of hearts."        Chelsea

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