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"Mother-love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles."

Frances Willard

What is the purpose of MOI?

  • We're gathering women in a united effort to lift hearts.  We know that sounds lofty and maybe even overwhelming but this is an inside job and it starts with your own heart.  

  • In the beginning, you may not understand when we talk about deeper roots, inspired growth, and encircling reach… but you can feel it when it happens in your life.  You’ll know you’re on the right track as you see the fruits:  stronger relationshipsincreased love, greater unity, eyes that see, ears that hear, and a heart that longs for beauty and feels true joy.  

What will you do together? 

  • A Mother of Influence is focused on hearts.  She nurtures her own heart, the hearts of children, the hearts of homes, and the hearts of communities. 

  • A Mother of Influence is seeking inspired growth:  That means we don't have a prescribed course of study, but we do provide a framework of resources structured around the languages of the heart.  You'll choose what best fits your needs right now and adjust frequently.

  • A Mother of Influence honors freedom and discovery: keep your study open enough that a friend can participate at whatever level she feels comfortable.  Look for ways to "inspire each other, but not require."  

  • Mothers of Influence are knitting hearts together and building a sisterhood: be exceptionally kind to each other.  We're gathering women of different ages, religious backgrounds, educational philosophies, and life experiences.  We don't have to be the same or think in the same ways, but we are always striving for common ground and unity among our diversity.  Sometimes that's a little messy ... but it's important enough to be worth the struggle.   An encircling reach is the hallmark of a Mother of Influence.

How can you start? ​​

  • It's natural to ask how do I do this - the better question is how can I be this?  MOI is about tending your own heart so that you have enough to be a light and to lift the hearts of those around you.  This is what your MOI gatherings will be centered around.

  • Use the suggestions on this page to help determine your own intentional plan to learn the art of cultivating hearts.  If your focus is on the principles of the Well-Educated Heart you can call yourselves Mothers of Influence.

  • Think Small and Simple:   You + one friend = MOI ​  We've found the most successful groups have started small and grown over time.  Bring together a few women, share some of your thoughts about why cultivating hearts matters and what you envision you could do together.  Listen as your friends to share their own thoughts and allow the structure of your group to grow outward from your hearts together. 

  • You might want to begin like this: 

    • Text or email the Sleeping Beauty video to a friend - invite her to watch it and plan a time to meet and talk about your impressions.  

    • If it feels right, decide together which resource(s) you'd like to focus on next.  If your unsure, we'd recommend the Catch the Vision Challenge.  You'll gain a deep understanding of HOW to lift hearts and begin nurturing your own at the same time. 

    • Meet consistently and regularly - talk about what you're learning and how you're implementing it in your life, ask questions, lift & encircle each other. Leave a little time to share anything that touched your heart that month - a book you loved, a poem you memorized, or maybe a work of art that spoke to you.  

  • There are many ways to MOI - click here see MOI in Action(Coming Soon)

You're not alone...


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A love of Beauty is not only how we will survive challenges,it is what will heal our world.  

Marlene Peterson

"Beauty is a quality of divinity, and to live much with the beautiful is to live close to the divine.  Every beauty in any form...refines and elevates character."

Orison Swett Marden




The study is designed as a twelve-month rotation schedule so that you can learn line upon line, layer upon layer, drawing on what you’re ready to take in the first time through and deepening the understanding each time you return.   The writings from the Mother's Learning Library are supplemented with articles and research of educators today who confirm the wisdom of the past which will give you confidence as you move forward. Keep notes of what you learn and when you gather, share your experiences as you begin to apply the lessons in educating and warming hearts. 




Study the whole world, line upon line and layer upon layer. At first glance, you may have no idea what you’re looking for. But as you begin to collect and assemble the clues, you will begin to see the patterns, connections and lessons emerge for your use.  Each nation and people has a story to tell and gifts to offer from its heritage.



 The introductory course is designed to help you start a daily habit of feeding your heart.  For some, the ideas presented will go against everything you’ve ever thought about learning. For others, the ideas will resonate with beliefs you already carry with you. Either way, enter with an open heart and you will find something that will help you live a richer, more abundant life. 



“In our deepest hearts, we want home to be a place where our spirits are filled. A lifegiving haven of warmth, rest, and joy that will encourage everyone who enters it; a welcoming respite in an isolated culture; a life-giving home ‘creating a place of belonging and becoming."

Sally Clarkson

We love Sally Clarkson’s The Life-giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming.   It’s filled with simple and practical heartwarming ideas for every month of the year.   We’ve found this book to be a nice complement to the monthly rotation of the Mother’s University and particularly strong in its message of nurturing the heart of your home and family.




"I pray thee, O God, that I may be beautiful within"  Socrates  

Fill your heart — go to concerts and art galleries, host a poetry teatime, or hike in the mountains. Learn to paint, draw, knit, crochet, arrange flowers. Make music together, share your favorite stories, bring a poem that's touched your heart, learn to see the beauty in everyday things. Explore the WEH rotation and then talk about what you've been reading and learning and feeling... this is what it means to deepen your roots, increase your inspired growth and begin to cultivate an encircling reach.



Read all the presentations, podcasts and other messages that were previously only online or in an audio format. 

The Intro booklet is a perfect introduction to share with a friend who wants to learn what WEH is about. 

Volume I: Philosophy: a collection of talks and presentations. 

Volume II: Tools and Methods: podcast and presentation transcriptions.

Volume III: Inspiration: Great Lives podcasts and samplers from books arranged by the rotation schedule.



Marlene has said "If I could have designed a college-level course of study for the moms in this group, this is what it would look like. This is a study for the heart –with an emphasis at looking at the languages of art, music, poetry and literature of the ages with just enough history to put it in context. And I especially love that when you study the Ancient Egyptians or Babylonians or Greeks or Medieval times, you get a glimpse into their homes and their family lives; their systems of education and learning, things that are relevant to us in our everyday lives.”  It may not be the study you begin with, but we want you to know it’s here when you are ready.  As a note: you'll find many Delphian readings are already integrated into Mother’s University where you can have a little taste each month.



“There is an answer to the passionate longing of the heart for fulness... And the answer is this: Live in all things outside yourself by love and you will have joy. This is the life of God; it ought to be our life.”         Robert Browning

An encircling reach is the hallmark of a Mother of Influence. Look for simple but meaningful ways to lift those around you.  Use your talents and interests to create opportunities to awaken other hearts.  These "gifts" to your community will most often be small and simple offerings, but it's amazing what a little light can do.  We hope you'll return to share your stories and experiences with other MOIers.