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"Mother-love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles."

Frances Willard

Mothers are vital in this effort to lift hearts -our power as nurturers of humanity has never been fully tapped. Your first job will be to fill your own heart and open it to more light.  As you do, you are going to see things more clearly, and you are going to radiate something that isn't tangible or measurable but is real.   It's not about doing more on the outside - it's about being more on the inside.       


Mothers of Influence isn't exclusive to young mothers or homeschooling mothers, or even women with children. We're gathering all women who have a desire to lift and nurture hearts in small and simple ways.  MOI is built on a foundation of Christianity, but people of all faiths are welcome here.  We are universally tuning our hearts to the love of God.  

You + one friend= MOI.  We've noticed the most successful groups have started small and grown naturally. MOI is meant to grow outward from your hearts together - that means we won't tell you exactly what you'll do together.  We'll provide a framework of resources and lots of support, and you'll use these to create just what you need to tend to your hearts as a group.  You'll know your MOI is successful by how it feels. 

This is how you'll know you're on the right track:

  • A Feeling of Unity It takes practice to bring lots of different women together in a loving way - but that safety net spreading over the earth is made by knitting our hearts together.  Create an environment of genuine friendship and love and let the other things build upon that.  We don't have to be the same or even agree on everything, but we are always striving for common ground and unity among our diversity.  Yes, sometimes that's a little messy ... but it's important enough to be worth the struggle.  An encircling reach is our hallmark.

  • A Spirit of Freedom and Discovery -    Heart learning can only thrive in the spirit of freedom and discovery.   Be careful to not over-structure your MOI gatherings - leave room for every woman to participate at whatever level she's comfortable with.  There are no "assignments" in MOI - only invitations.  We hope everyone will come with something to share, but if you have to take for a while until you have enough - there's room for that, too.  

  • A Clear Focus on the Arts - MOI is very intentional about using the arts to lift and nurture hearts.  They give us common ground, but most importantly they are conduits of light and the keys that unlock the heart. The MOI resources found on the Groups page are essential components for keeping MOI "MOI".  

“Last night was a wonderful experience. I was first invited over a year ago ... and was hesitant because it seemed that so many women’s circles would chat and chat about things of little consequence, or they’d talk about things without looking for solutions. Last night was a breath of fresh air. I heard women looking for refinement. I saw a refreshing level of respect for one another. People were supporting each other. It went without saying that we all knew we were in different parts of our “journey,” and we all rejoiced in whatever triumphs or learning experiences were shared.”

"MOI is a perfect illustration in my life of how open hearts actually create more energy."

MOI is an accelerated friendship-building experience. 

"Every time I feel so uplifted. If you could see the women in my group - they’re just spreading light in amazing ways - we're making a difference. There might be a lot of darkness [in the world] but there is still more light. I really feel this is women’s time to shine in this way and it’s different from the rest of the world's way."


“I felt like I walked away gaining something- and that makes coming back worth it.”


“There was a connection and a depth that I’ve been longing for. I love all my other groups, but I wasn’t getting that.”


“I’m getting picky with my time, and this was worthy of it.”

“I think being able to bring something that’s inspired us is the number one thing that connects us. It lets us bring something to the table that’s ours. That’s a strength of our group.”


“There aren’t many groups where I can share and talk about things that are truly important to me.”


“One thing I enjoy is that sometimes you go into groups and it’s just a lot of agreeing. I don’t like to be in a place that’s full of mirrors. I love the back and forth - I love the volley. I love the challenge. It’s beautiful.” Then added by another member of the same group: “But there hasn’t been contention here. It’s just challenging. Our group has been respectfully disagreeing for years. Ha ha ha!”