Mothers of Influence Groups

"Mother-love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles." Frances Willard

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Catch the Vision

deeper roots

Mothers of Influence was specifically created to gather and support the mothers of the Well-Educated Heart.  An ongoing study of the Catch the Vision resources is foundational.  


Connect to the Arts

inspired growth

The arts are the keys to the heart. The have the power to unite because they speak of our common human experiences. Adding light and hope, they help increase our inspired growth. 


Cultivate Unity

encircling reach

Mothers are vital - our power as the nurturers of society has never been fully tapped. We're learning the art of bringing hearts together - including our own - and finding common ground in the middle. 



encircling reach

As we begin to feel a greater sense of abundance ourselves, our hearts turn outward, and we're in a position for heaven to use us as a creative force for good - in both tangible and intangible ways. 

Bring a MOI Group to Your Neighborhood

Sometimes the first step is the hardest - here are a few suggestions for sparking interest.  Choose one or two -  or do them all - it's up to you!


Learn more about the keys that unlock the heart in the

Sleeping Beauty video.

Marlene introduces art, music, poetry, story, and nature as languages of the heart, and shares why they matter so much.


Host a "favorite things" gathering.  Invite a few friends to share a story,  picture,  song, or poem that has meaning to them.  Some groups have paired this with an evening under the stars or a Mothers Tea - or even learned a new skill together.


 "A Heart Like His" by Virginia H Pearce introduces the idea of opening up your heart even more by simply paying attention to whether it's open or closed in any given situation.  You might consider following up with the described Awareness Experiment together.

Take the Next Step...

Keep the momentum going by creating the MOI group that's just right for you. 

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  • Keep in mind that You + one friend= MOI. We've noticed the most successful groups have started small and grown naturally.  Be inclusive and open to women of different ages, faiths, and backgrounds.   Our definition of a mother is one who nurtures hearts

  • Keep things simple.  Heart-learning thrives in the spirit of freedom and discovery.  You might focus on a certain reading or topic,  but always leave things unstructured enough that everyone can participate at their own comfort level. 

  • Help us keep MOI "MOI".  The vision and scope of Mothers of Influence are as a cultural lift, not as an activist organization. Only use the name Mothers of Influence in connection with activities that are directly part of our purpose and mission.

  • Keep in touch!   We'll plant your tree on the map and provide support.  We'd also love to share your stories and experiences with other MOIers.