Find MOI in Your Neighborhood

Reach out to Marley at with questions

Other Ways to Connect

MOI is always at its best in person and close to home, but we know that's not always possible.  

Here are some other ways to connect until you're able to bring MOI to your neighborhood.  



  • Watch the MOI Facebook group for a mini MOI -  a short and casual gathering over zoom to help you catch the feeling of Mothers of Influence groups. Our discussions usually center around the Getting Started or Catch the Vision resources, and there's always time in the end to answer any of your MOI questions.  We'd love to "meet" you there.    

  • We love this invitation from Shannon to read from the Forgotten Classics Library.  Join her, or even create your own invitation tailored to what you'd like to do.  


  • There is a small virtual Delphian study group.  


  • Lori and Lindsey have invited anyone to drop into their weekly virtual MOI. 


  • We've heard of a few different women sharing the Catch the Vision Challenge over Marco Polo - those invitations usually come up in the Facebook group.

The MOI Symbol & Cedar Necklace


A few years ago my sister was traveling through Lebanon where she met Garo.  He was a third-generation silversmith who had just completed a course in self-reliance.  As part of that specific training he'd prayed for inspiration and created a new design for a necklace that he hoped would be a blessing to his business and family.  My sister brought home a few to give as Christmas gifts.


When I first read Marlene's book "A Mother's Influence" I had a distinct impression of a tree come to me.  I knew it was important but I didn't quite know what to do with the thought - I didn't even know what kind of tree it was. When the idea of MOI began to take shape, I began pondering more on that tree.  One afternoon my eye caught the necklace and I knew - like a lightning strike - that MOI was connected to the Cedar of Lebanon.  The necklace that was already precious to me became doubly charged.


For reasons that didn't totally make sense, I felt an urgency to reach out to Garo who was still living in Lebanon, and ask him to craft a batch of necklaces that we could share with our members someday.  Logistically it was a crazy thing to do, but Garo was willing and everything fell into place.  Garo has since moved to a safer country, but we'd love to continue to support his work.  There's always been a sense of connection and divine intervention on both sides - our perfect design was inspired through Garo, and we're the women who treasure his prayerful creation and craftsmanship.


The symbolism of the cedar is rich and deep. I couldn't have made it up if I'd tried.  But God knows what he's trying to tell us.  If you have the means and desire to have one of these inspired necklaces we hope you will take advantage of it, but please know you don’t need a necklace to plant the cherished ideas it represents in your heart.                  



We still have a few of these beautiful necklaces left and would love to share them at our cost of $35.

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